Reinventing Low Income Living

Who We Are

LouVestor is a local real estate development firm with a fresh perspective on serving the low income community. We believe in empowering the underserved with scalable, cost-effective, and partner supported housing. 

What We Do

LouVestor works with a variety of partners to acquire, develop/rehab, and manage high quality low income housing. We operate in the single family, multi-family, and mixed use development arenas. Our objective is to create a better product while working closely with community partners to fully support the holistic success of our residents.  We focus on serving single mothers, families, and seniors with innovative facilities and integrated support services. 


We are looking for:

  • Community Partners
  • Institutional Partners
  • Development Locations
  • Portfolio Liquidations 

If you or your organization are interested in working with LouVestor in any way, please reach out and introduce yourself here